The legend of Big Foot Spencer and other stories

A 96-page reading booklet for fourth grade classrooms. Click here for the teacher's guide.

It features 14 non-fiction stories (written by Bill Carey) about Tennessee, from pre-history until about 1850

"This is outstanding literature and a great supplement to classroom text," says Kim Louis, a fourth grade teacher in Shelby County. "It's excellent for cross curricular learning."

"I love the way History Bill finds and shares the interesting stories that make history come alive for students," says Sandra Carney, a fourth grade teacher in Wilson County. " I look forward to sharing The Legend of Big Foot Spencer with my students!"

Includes stories about:

* Thomas "Big Foot" Spencer, the legendary Tennessee settler and longhunter

* The Donelson Party (a remarkable story told in three parts!)

* Old Stone Fort, the mysterious ancient landmark in Coffee County

* Ten reasons Andrew Jackson had a remarkable life

* How David Crockett lost his pants

* The New Madrid Earthquakes

* Sequoyah, the Cherokee man who invented a written language for his people

* The Cumberland Gap and why President Lincoln felt an attachment to it

* The Treaty of the Holston and its tragic outcome

* Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto

* Henry Timberlake -- a true Tennessee hero who was neglected in his time

* The Lost State of Franklin

* And more!

The booklet also contains a four-page glossary, a three page index, and a teacher's guide found here.

Each story has a Lexile measure of between 710 and 850, after direct quotes from primary sources cited in the text are removed.

(This booklet replaces Journey of the Adventure, which is now out of print.)

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