This is the "ESL" version of Tennessee History for Kids -- the part of the TN History for Kids web site for students for whom English is a second language.

This version of the web site was created in close consultation with ESL teachers. The idea is to help ESL students -- regardless of their age, nationality or original language -- learn about Tennessee history WHILE gaining proficiency in the English language.

Ideally, the ESL version is best used as something that is shown to the entire class.

Here is the way we set it up:

The RED sentences are meant to be read out loud by students as a group.

The BLACK text can be read out loud by individual students or by the teacher.

The BROWN questions are good questions for the teacher to ask students as a way of assessing whether they understand what was just said.

The BLUE words are vocabulary words, and their definitions are given later in the section.

The table of contents to the left takes you through a very simple Tennessee syllabus and it goes from pre-history to the present time. It was largely created by summarizing the fourth and fifth grade Tennessee History for Kids sections and should work wonderfully in ESL settings.

As you like, feel free to use the rest of the Tennessee History for Kids site, which you can find by clicking HOME at the top. You can find anything you like on the web site by clicking INDEX, and we know that your kids will love checking out some of the Tennessee History for Kids VIDEOS as well.

Please stay tuned and feel free to send your feedback here. This section is new and we intend to improve it.

This ESL version was written and created by:

* Alice Weber, ESL Teacher and Fourth Grade Lead Teacher of a Model Classroom, Glencliff Elementary School

* Bill Carey, Executive Director, Tennessee History for Kids

In close consultation with:

Dr. Lawanna Shelton, Executive Director of English Language Learners for Metro Nashville Public Schools