FAQs about TN History for Kids booklets
1) How many booklets are there?

There are 14:

Kindergarten lessons with Boxy
Critters, Maps and Heroes [for 1st grade]
Your land, my land [for 2nd grade]
Around the world in 3rd grade
Whole Nations Melt Away [for 4th grade]
The Legend of Big Foot Spencer and other stories [reading booklet for 4th grade]

He that hath no sword [for 5th grade]
* The King's Letter, the Captain's Flag and other stories [reading booklet for 5th grade]
Fire poured into our very faces [for 8th grade]
Raise the children the best you can [for the high school American history class]

2) Do they meet the social studies standards passed by the state board of education in July 2013?

Yes, they do.

3) Why produce the booklets?

In spite of the use and popularity of the Tennessee History for Kids website, teachers told us that they also wanted something tangible to use in class.

Working with our sponsors, we came up with the idea for low-priced booklets that covered things teachers had to cover in class.

4) How can booklets be purchased?

Booklets are for sale on the web site; click
here for an order form.

They can also be purchased at events such as the LEAD conference, TN Reading Conference, TASL conference, TNCSS conference and the other events attended by Tennessee History for Kids.