Booklets FAQ

How many booklets are there?

We have more than a dozen, which include curriculum booklets, reading booklets, primary source booklets and a citizenship booklet.

Are there teacher’s guides?

There are free, online teacher’s guides that contain teaching tips; information; helpful links; larger versions of illustrations, photographs and maps; and more.

The online teacher’s guides do not contain the answers to the questions found in the booklet. To get those, email from your school email address. Tell him your name, school and what booklet you are using. He will send you a pdf of the answers.

Here are the teacher’s guides:

What do the curriculum booklets cover?

Curriculum booklets for grades 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 cover ALL the social studies standards for those grades. (For instance: Three Grand Divisions of Tennessee for first grade; the Star-Spangled Banner for second; latitude and longitude for third; early U.S. history for fourth; Tennessee history for fifth.)

Curriculum booklets for grades 8 and 11 cover all of the Tennessee-specific topics which the standards require teachers to cover, but which are probably not discussed in nationally published textbook (the Civil War in Tennessee, the lost state of Franklin, the Civil Rights movement in Tennessee, etc.)

What about the reading booklet?

ELA teachers and curriculum coordinators have told us that it is hard to find accurate and interesting stories written on grade level that cover the topics in the social studies standards. Therefore, we have created a booklet called Comet Earthquake and Fire Canoe for fourth grade. This booklet contains wonderful “history columns for kids,” with the topics ranging from how the death of a boy led to the Boston Massacre to whether Betsy Ross REALLY created the first American flag to how more Americans died in British Prisoner of War “death ships” than in all of the battles of the Revolutionary War COMBINED.

What do the primary source booklets cover?

Primary source and question booklets for grade 5 contain excerpts from ALL of the primary source documents required for those grades in the 2013 standards (The “Ain’t I a woman?” speech, the Donelson Party journal, Frederick Douglass’ autobiography, etc), along with questions about their context and content.

How much do booklets cost?

We have worked very hard to keep the price of booklets low. Therefore, booklets cost only $2.50 each.

We ask you absolutely not to make copies of them. After all, at $2.50 a copy, you can buy another one for MUCH cheaper than it costs to copy them.

How can booklets be purchased?

Information on how to order booklets can be found HERE.

Booklets can also be purchased at events such as our inservices, Title I Conference, TASL conference, TCSS conference, principal’s conference, literacy conference and any other events attended by Tennessee History for Kids.

If you have additional questions about the booklets or how to order them, please contact or

What about trading cards? How do I order those?

To learn more about our trading cards and for order information, click here.