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TN History for Kids

Citizenship Booklet

Citizenship Booklet

Be part of the story: A THFK booklet for citizens is a
booklet that covers, illustrates and tests the material that
people seeking to become American citizens must learn.

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Here is the story behind this booklet:

In 2015, the Tennessee General Assembly passed a law (TCA 49-6-408) requiring high school students to take and pass a U.S. civics test in order to graduate.

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The law directs the questions on the test to be similiar to the ones "set forth within the civics test administered by the United States citizenship and immigration services to persons seeking to become naturalized citizens."

We have created a resource that covers this material in a user-friendly, Tennessee-specific format.

Be part of the story consists of 10 chapters on basic Constitutional civics, American history and U.S geography.


In very broad terms, it explains the story behind the American Revolution, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.It also hits topics such as the national anthem, the Pledge of Allegiance, the Civil War, World War II and even the Civil Rights Movement.

To bring the topic home, it includes content and photos from Tennessee:

Photos of Tennessee governor Bill Haslam, Senator Lamar Alexander, most of Tennessee's representatives in Congress..

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... photos of Tennesseans from all three Grand Divisions volunteering to be good citizens!

... photos from Tennessee's Civil Rights Movement!

... photos of naturalization ceremonies in Tennessee!

... a wonderful photo of Tennesseans in the U.S. armed forces!

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After 54 pages of content, the booklet concludes with a 50 question multiple choice test that covers the material.

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We did the best we could to make sure that the test meets the letter of the law.

We created this test so that school systems wouldn't have to!

Like all other Tennessee History for Kids booklets, copies of Be part of the story are only $2 each!

(We ask that you do NOT buy one and make copies. That violates our copyright and makes it difficult for us to continue to create booklets such as these.)

We are selling them now, and we intend to keep the booklet in stock (and revise it) as time goes on.

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