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TN History for Kids

Critters, Maps and Heroes

Critters, Maps and Heroes

This 96-page booklet covers all of the Tennessee social studies standards for first grade.

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Wonderfully designed and illustrated, the booklet contains large fonts and sentence structures appropriate for young readers.

"This will be a great resource for my students!" says Elizabeth Lovelace, a first grade teacher at Haywood Elementary School in Brownsville. "I'm excited to use it!"

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In Critters, Maps and Heroes, students will find interesting information about Tennessee's three large river systems, four principal cities and three Grand Divisions.

They will learn about maps, symbols and keys. Through a hands-on project, students will show that making a map of Tennessee is as simple as "a funny box, four lines and four dots."

Through this booklet, students will learn all about Tennessee's symbols, such as the state Capitol, the flag and animals such as the raccoon!

They will learn about the difference in a product and a service, and find out some of the things that people do "to make their living around here."

Tennessee's new social studies standards contain the names of 10 famous Tennesseans that they want first graders to learn about--people such as Nancy Ward, John Sevier, Anne Dudley and others.

The new first grade booklet contains information about these famous Tennesseans, and will make it easy and fun for your students to learn about them!

There is even a new Tennessee History for Kids mascot who you find throughout the booklet.

His name is Boxy. He is a turtle, as you can see!

Critters, Maps and Heroes is a great way to cover the curriculum while turning your young students on to history. What could be better?

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