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TN History for Kids

Fire poured into our very faces [2014 edition]

Fire poured into our very faces [2014 edition]

Fire poured into our very faces: The Volunteer State through Reconstruction
covers the Tennessee-specific topics required in eighth grade.

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This Tennessee History for Kids publication for 8th grade is 96 pages and replaces the booklet called Bloody Ground, Our Ground. Fire poured into our very faces meets the standards passed by the Tennessee Board of Education in July 2013.

In Tennessee, the eighth grade social studies class goes through American history, from colonial times through Reconstruction. This booklet covers everything that happened in Tennessee during that era which is required in the standards, and more!

"I love these booklets!" says Traci Freeman, an eighth grade teachers at Rural Vale School in Monroe County. "When I use them, I can see Tennessee history come alive in my students, especially when they connect the information to the "big picture" of our nation's history!"

Fire poured into our very faces contains entire chapters on explorers and longhunters in Tennessee, the early Watauga settlement, the journey of the Donelson Party, the Lost State of Franklin, the Southwest Territory and how Tennessee became a state.

Imbedded in this text you will find explanations of events such as the Battle of Kings Mountain, the Treaty of the Holston, the Nickajack Expedition, the Natchez Trace and many other things specifically cited in the new standards.


And talk about primary sources! Under the new standards, teachers are supposed to expose their students to an excerpt from John Donelson's journal as he led a flotilla of boats west on the Tennessee River in the winter of 1779-80.

Fire poured into our very faces contains two-pages straight from the journal!


The Civil War is the central event covered in eighth grade. This booklet contains three chapters and three sidebars on the Civil War in Tennessee, explaining what happened at Fort Donelson, Shiloh, Stones River, Chickamauga, Lookout Mountain, Parker's Crossroads, Knoxville, Franklin, Nashville and other battles.


The booklet also talks about the specific contributions of Tennessee natives such as David Farragut, Nathan Bedford Forrest, Sam Watkins, Champ Ferguson and others.




A lot is required of eighth grade teachers and students.

Knowing this, we put more time, effort and money into Fire poured into our very faces than we have ever put into a booklet before. At 96 pages, it is our longest booklet ever published.

We believe you and your students will love these!

Incredibly, these booklets are STILL only $2 each, which means an entire classroom set costs less than a single textbook! At this price, you can GIVE these booklets to the students, and they will mean more to them since they OWN them!

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