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TN History for Kids

Kindergarten lessons with Boxy [2014 edition]

Kindergarten lessons with Boxy [2014 edition]

This 96-page booklet covers all of the Tennessee social studies standards for Kindergarten.

Click here for ordering information and for the teacher's guide.

Wonderfully designed and illustrated, the booklet contains large fonts and sentence structures appropriate for young readers.





We have been asked to create this booklet for some time.

We had the help of three wonderful Kindergarten teachers from here in Tennessee: Elizabeth Benson in Nashville, Cindy Tumblin in Franklin and Pam Henderson in Robertson County




The booklet covers all of the assorted topics that Kindergarten teachers have to cover, such as:

  • Concepts such as authority, justice, responsibility, rules and laws


  • The Pledge of Allegiance


  • American and Tennessee including maps, state and national animals and flags


  • The difference between cash, check and credit card (yes, this is a Kindergarten standard. We did our best with it!)

  • Units of time such as hours, days, weeks, months, seasons and years


  • The difference between wants and needs


  • Brief explanations of important historical figures whose names appear in the Kindergarten standards


And all of it with wonderful Boxy the Turtle illustrations by Rick Baldwin!!!


Like all Tennessee History for Kids booklets, copies of Kindergarten lessons with Boxy are only $2 each!


Click for order information and for the teacher's guide.