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TN History for Kids

Whole Nations Melt Away [2014 edition]

Whole Nations Melt Away [2014 edition]

Whole Nations Melt Away: The Volunteer State through 1850
covers the Tennessee-specific topics required in fourth grade.

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"My students are going to love this new booklet," says Teresa Calhoun, a fourth grade teacher in Sullivan County.

There are entire chapters on things such as prehistory in Tennessee, Cherokee culture, explorers, longhunters, early migration and settlement of Tennessee, the Watauga Compact, the Transylvania Purchase, the Donelson Party journey, the Overmountain Men, the Lost State of Franklin, the Jacksonian Era, slavery in Tennessee and the development of Tennessee's early roads.

It is wonderfully illustrated. We went to a lot of great reenactments to find authentic images of what things might have looked like which your students will love!

Check out this chapter, which talks about the Treaty of the Holston and the process under which Tennessee became a state.

"I'm looking forward to using the booklet in my classroom this year," says Christina Brumleve, a fourth grade teacher in Nashville. "My kids will be excited to, and they will all be so happy to have their own copy."

Here is the first part of a chapter about slavery in Tennessee.

We started with the required standards, then set out to write and design a booklet that is accurate, interesting and grade-appropriate.

"Whole Nations Melt Away brings history to life through easy to understand reading passages and large, colorful pictures that correlate wonderfully with the info being presented," says Leah Jean Rollins, a fourth grade teacher in Gibson County. "A great resource for the social studies classroom!"

Teachers will love these booklets. More importantly, fourth grade students will love them!

Click order information and the teacher's guide.