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TN History for Kids

Your Land, My Land

Your Land, My Land

This 96-page booklet covers all of the social studies standards required in second grade.

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Click here for information on ordering copies for only $2 each. And click here for the teacher's guide.

"I think it looks great!" says Pam Hester, a second grade teacher in Jefferson County. "I can't wait to use this resource for my kiddos!

"This is such a wonderful resource, and much more affordable than a textbook!"

There are chapters on how to read a globe, American geography, early American history, the meaning of freedom, the definition of history, important people in American history, products and consumers, American culture, and more.

"It is a great booklet," says Jill Johnson, a reading teacher in Montgomery County. 

"You made it simple enough for a teacher to use with young children yet meaty enough as to not be insulting to their budding intelligence."

Since second grade is an "introduction to America" grade, there are wonderful photographs of places such as the Grand Canyon, Golden Gate Bridge, the California coastline and the White House (all of which are mentioned in the second grade standards.)

"My goal was to create something that a second grader would want to keep for the rest of their lives," says writer and Tennessee History for Kids founder Bill Carey.

Second grade also contains some important but difficult-to-capture standards about American culture and diversity. 

Your land, my land tackles these concepts with a chapter called "Common ground" and a sidebar called "Yodeling cowboys."

"This is great!" says Denna Stroud, a second grade teacher in Jefferson County.

"So much information, so many beautiful photos."

Teachers will love these booklets. 

More importantly, second grade students will love them!

Click here for order information and here for the teachers guide.