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TN History for Kids

Booklets FAQ

How many booklets are there?

We have more than a dozen publications, which include curriculum booklets, reading booklets, primary source booklets, and a citizenship booklet.

Are there teacher guides?

There are free, online teacher guides that contain the answers to all the quiz questions found in each booklet. To find each teacher's guide, click on the cover of the booklet (on the right), and when the information about the booklet comes up, a link to the teacher's guide should be in the first sentence.

Do the new booklets cover the old social studies standards or do they cover the new/revised standards?

Unless otherwise stated, the booklets cover the standards passed by the Tennessee Board of Education in 2013. However, we have "rolled out" most of the booklets that meet the standards which were approved by the board of education in 2017 and which (officially) go into effect in 2019-2020.

So far we have "rolled out" the new first grade booklet (Critters and Maps); the new second grade booklet (Your Land, My Land 2019-2020 edition); two new third grade booklets called Around the World and Across the Ocean; two fourth grade booklets called Upon a Pivot and Torn Union; and three fifth grade booklets called The American Machine, Long March to Tennessee and Work for Freedom. Yet to come are an eighth grade booklet and an 11th grade booklet.

What do the curriculum booklets cover?

Curriculum booklets for grades K, 1, 2, and 3 cover ALL the social studies standards for those grades. (For instance: Days of the week for Kindergarten; Three Grand Divisions of Tennessee for first grade; the Star-Spangled Banner for second; latitude and longitude for third).

Curriculum booklets for grades 4, 5, 8 and 11 cover all of the Tennessee-specific topics which the standards require teachers to cover, but which are probably not discussed in nationally published textbook (the Civil War in Tennessee, the lost state of Franklin, the Civil Rights movement in Tennessee, etc.)

We should add that, starting with the 2019-2020 editions, the 4th and 5th grade curriculum booklets will cover ALL social studies standards for those grades.

Can you tell me about the reading booklet?

It contains fascinating stories that will make your students LOVE non fiction and Tennessee history! Each story has been written at a grade appropriate level.

What do the primary source booklets cover?

Primary source and question booklets for grades 4, 5 and 8 contain excerpts from ALL of the primary source documents required for those grades (The "Ain't I a woman?" speech, the Donelson Party journal, Frederick Douglass' autobiography, etc), along with questions about their context and content.

What is the purpose of the high school citizenship booklet?

Th citizenship booklet contains content and a test that helps school systems comply with the new requirement that students learn the material naturalized citizens learn.

How much do the booklets cost?

We have worked very hard to keep the price of booklets low. Therefore, the 2019-2020 editions cost only $2 a booklet.

Furthermore: While they last, we are now selling the remaining 2013 editions of our booklets for only 50 CENTS A COPY!!!

We ask you absolutely not to make copies of them. After all, at $2 a copy, you can buy another one for cheaper than it costs to copy them.

How can booklets be purchased?

Information on how to order booklets can be found HERE.

To download a hard copy of the order form click here. (This hard copy does not contain the 2013 editions, which have to be ordered using the ORDER FORM button on this website).

Booklets can also be purchased at events such as the tent revival, LEAD conference, Title I Conference, TASL conference, TCSS conference and the other events attended by Tennessee History for Kids.

If you have additional questions about the booklets or how to order them, please contact or