A group of students visits the state Capitol


Like Tennessee history, Tennessee civics pops up again and again in the curriculum. And, like Tennessee history, there isn't a current textbook that covers Tennessee civics.

We've created a three-tiered civics program.

Click here for Basic Civics. Here you will learn basic stuff about Tennessee and the way its government is set up.
Janice Holder is sworn in as Chief Justice of the Tennessee Supreme Court
Click here for the Intermediate Civics section.

It'll tell you the way each of the three branches of government works, what kind of taxes we pay here in Tennessee, what the governor does all day, and how much money you need to raise to run for public office. 
A group of students from Memphis visits with State Senator Mark Norris
PHOTO: Office of Mark Norris
And click here for the Advanced Civics section, where you'll learn things like how a bill really becomes a law; why local governments across the state are organized differently; and what some of the more important Tennessee Supreme Court decisions have been.

By the time you learn everything here you'll be ready to run for public office!

The late Bill Snodgrass, Comptroller Emeritus of Tennessee
PHOTO: TN State Library and Archives

Tennessee History for Kids remains especially grateful for Mr. Bill Snodgrass's contributions to this section.

Mr. Snodgrass was the Tennessee Comptroller from 1955 until 1998 and, as such, knew more about Tennessee state government than any other person. When Tennessee History for Kids first wrote this civics section in 2006, Mr. Snodgrass reviewed every bit of it for corrections and suggestions, making us feel very good about the product.

Other people who contributed time and effort into helping us write this section include, in alphabetical order:

* William L. (Dick) Barry, former Tennessee House Speaker
* Rob Briley, former state representative
* Bob Cooper, attorney general of Tennessee
* Ed Cromer, reporter, Tennessee Journal
* Frank Drowota, former chief justice, Tennessee Supreme Court
* Dennis Dycus, director of municipal audit, Tennessee comptroller's office
* Doug Himes, attorney for the Tennessee General Assembly
* Rick Locker, reporter, Memphis Commercial-Appeal
* Debra Maggart, former state representative
* Pat Miller, director, Tennessee Regulatory Authority
* Mark
Norris, state senator
* Kara Owen, deputy chief of staff to Tennessee House Speaker Beth Harwell
* Baker Ring, member of the Sumner County Commission and government teacher at Gallatin High School
* Dave Smith, Communications office of Governor Bill Haslam