Part Five: Grand Divisions

In the next few years, you will learn a lot about why the state of Tennessee was formed and how it was created.

Before you get into all that, you should start by learning about which part of the state in which you live.

Tennessee is a pretty big state. Within Tennessee, there are three "Grand Divisions"--East, Middle and West.

If you live in East Tennessee, you live in a section of the state that has big mountains and deep valleys.

Most of the roads in East Tennessee are not straight lines, because they have to go around so many hills and mountains.

The biggest cities in East Tennessee are Knoxville and Chattanooga.

Here's a photograph taken in Hawkins County of East Tennessee.

See what we mean about hills and valleys?

Clingmans Dome
A lot of people vacation in the mountains of East Tennessee.

One thing that they like to visit is Clingmans Dome, the highest point in the state.

If you live in West Tennessee, you probably aren't used to hills and mountains. West Tennessee is mostly flat, with a lot of farms.

Here is a field in Dyer County, which is in West Tennessee.

See how flat parts of West Tennessee are?

Beale Street in Memphis

The biggest city in West Tennessee is Memphis, at the southwestern corner of the state.

Middle Tennessee has some flat land, but it also has hills and mountains.
Downtown Nashville

The biggest city in Middle Tennessee is Nashville.

The Tennessee Senate chamber, which is in the Tennessee State Capitol building in Nashville

Nashville is also the capital of Tennessee. This means it is where the leaders of Tennessee's state government meet, make laws, and decide how to spend state government's money (more on that later!)