A guide to TN History for Kids

A scene from the Tennessee Central tour
Tennessee History for Kids helps students learn and teachers teach history, civics and geography. To this end, the organization uses this web site along with booklets, inservices, videos, email alerts and posters.

The best way to start a tour of the website is down the left column. If you click on VIRTUAL TOURS, then scroll down and look on the left side, you will see a list of THFK-created virtual tours of places that tell you a lot about Tennessee.
Fort Donelson, a virtual tour
Our virtual tours range from the revered (The Hermitage, Cumberland Gap) to the active (Chattanooga by Canoe, Tennessee Central Railway) and to the overlooked (Randolph, Lost State of Franklin).

Sometimes you have to leave Tennessee for these tours, such as in the case of de Soto, William Walker, and the Alamo.
Some of the descendants of Ida B. Wells
Continuing down the left column, you will find our COUNTY HISTORY page. If you click on this button, then scroll down and look to the left, you will see that there is a separate page for all of Tennessee's 95 counties that tells you fun historical tidbits about that county.

Look around a while and you will learn which county had an all-female government in the 1940s, which county has sidewalks on the second floor, which county is associated with fainting goats, and which county went bankrupt and no longer exists.

The list goes on and on!
History Bill meets Doctor Death, Fort Surgeon
Further down, you will see the word VIDEOS.

TN History for Kids produced a series of short videos where "History Bill" bumbles his way through history, meeting famous characters such as Andrew Jackson, Daniel Boone, and Abraham Lincoln -- and not-so-famous folks such as the Lost Soldier of a Colored Regiment, Maggie Delaney the Indentured Servant, and James Finney, the 19th century jack-of-all-trades who was bitten by a rat.

Videos are downloadable in Quicktime, Real Player and youtube.

Janice Holder is sworn in as the Chief Justice of the Tennessee Supreme Court
Continuing down you will find:

* an interactive quiz where you can test your Tennessee history acumen

* a three-part CIVICS section

* a two-part GEOGRAPHY section

Now for the other important aspects of Tennessee History for Kids:

* History booklets. Starting in 2011, THFK began producing booklets for teachers and students to use in the classroom. These booklets are accurate, wonderfully designed and written based on the required curriculum in each grade. An entire classroom set costs less than a SINGLE hardback American history textbook! Click here to learn more about them.

Inservices. THFK has appeared at more than 120 inservices in the last 12 years. Click here to learn more about how you can bring it to your school system.

An email alert
Email alerts. More than 5,000 teachers receive our regular email alerts, which tell you what is new on the page and what is happening in the world of Tennessee history and civics. Click here to sign up.

Columns. THFK executive Bill Carey is a monthly history columnist for Tennessee magazine. Click here to see his columns, organized by subject.

The 2012 poster

Posters. Since 2006, THFK has distributed more than 50,000 free posters to teachers! We typically distributed these posters for free at inservices, or mail them for a shipping and handling fee.