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TN History for Kids

Haywood County

A cemetery in Dancyville, which is in Haywood County.
An Ike and Tina Turner album

The most famous person to ever come from Haywood County was born under the name Annie Mae Bullock. Today she is known as Tina Turner.

Her parents were poor farmers near Brownsville, and she was raised in the 1940s in the small town of Nutbush (a town she later wrote a song about). In the 1950s her musical career was launched when she became a backup singer for Ike Turner, who she later married and divorced.

Through the years Tina Turner has had one of the longest lasting careers of any singer in rock history. And Rolling Stone magazine once said that “when it comes to injecting energy and passion in a song, no one does it like Tina Turner.”

The Mindfield sculpture

Also in Haywood County you will find the largest sculpture in Tennessee. It's called the Mind Field, and it is the creation of a Brownsville resident and artist Billy Tripp.

If you are driving through Brownsville, stop and take a look at the Mind Field. It's huge (70 feet high) and made of steel and Tripp's imagination.


A couple of blocks from the Mind Field, you'll find the Haywood County Courthouse.

Haywood County

County seat: Brownsville

Population (2015 estimate): 18.023