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TN History for Kids

Hickman County

Iron mining near Wrigley in 1939
PHOTO: TN State Library and Archives

When most people think of a place named for chewing gum millionaire William Wrigley, most think of Wrigley Field in Chicago.

There is a also small community in Hickman County named for him. In the 1920s, Wrigley was one of the investors in the Tennessee Products Corporation, which owned and operated coal, iron and phosphate mines and factories in Chattanooga, Rockwood, Whitwell, Rockdale and other places.

Wrigley, in Hickman County, was one of the Tennessee Products Corp.'s "company towns." It was named for William Wrigley, the owner of the chewing gum company and an investor for Tennessee Products. The main thing produced at the Tennessee Products' Wrigley operation was charcoal.

Pearl and Roy Acuff on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry
PHOTO: Country Music Foundation

Sarah Cannon is the most famous person to ever come from Hickman County. But most people knew her by her stage name -- Minnie Pearl.

Cannon went to Ward-Belmont College in Nashville--a finishing school for young ladies. But she had a bubbly personality and a great sense of humor, and soon she became an actress. The Minnie Pearl character became a regular on the Grand Ole Opry starting in 1940. Today the very mention of the word, "HOW-DEE!" brings to mind the woman from Hickman County.

Hickman County is also one of several Tennessee counties that moved its county seat. As you can see from this 1831 map, Vernon was the original county seat of Hickman County.

After several other counties were carved out of Hickman County, a new town called Centerville was created that was more centrally located, and the courthouse was moved there.

Jackson Falls


Finally, at the eastern edge of Hickman County, a short stroll from the Natchez Trace Parkway, you will find one of the least publicized waterfalls in the state -- Jackson Falls.







Here is the Hickman County Courthouse.

Hickman County

County seat: Centerville

Population (2015 estimate): 24,363

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