Journey of the Adventure and other stories: A Tennessee Common Core Reader

Please note: As of February 2015, this booklet is no longer available. We will revise and re-release this booklet in April/May 2015.

This 76-page booklet was developed primarily for grades 3-8. It was created because of the Common Core requirement that reading and language arts teachers expose students to more non-fiction.

The booklet contains 15 chapters. According to Lexile number, they are all written between reading level for grades 4 and 7. There are stories about the Donelson Party, Old Stone Fort, the Lost State of Franklin, Wilma Rudolph, Captain William Driver, Cornelia Fort, the Memphis Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1878 and others

Some stories are sad, but some are funny. One is called "David Crockett loses his pants." It consists of the retelling of a story in which the famous Tennessee hunter took a log raft down the Mississippi, the boat capsized and he nearly drowned. When he was fished out of the water, by a boat on its way to Memphis, he had lost his pants! Fortunately a storeowner in Memphis took care of the situation!

Here is one of the stories from the booklet: