The Crockett County Courthouse in about 1890
PHOTO: TN State Library and Archives

County Seat: Alamo

CrockettCounty is named for David Crockett, and since its county seat is named for the place where David Crockett was killed, you might make the assumption that David Crockett lived here. Actually, no.

However, David Crockett belongs to all of Tennessee, because he lived in no less than five counties – Greene, Jefferson, Lincoln, Franklin, and Lawrence. He left
Tennessee rather angry, having concluded that the state wasn’t big enough for him and for the admirers of Andrew Jackson. CrockettCounty was formed in 1871 – 35 years after his death in Texas.

The cemetery at Cox's Chapel Church of Christ
Crockett County is one of the slowest growing counties in Tennessee, and in the United States. In fact, Crockett County today has almost the exact same number of residents (14,392 according to the U.S. census bureau) as it had in 1880 (14,109).

After the departure of the Chickasaw Indians, one of the first settlers to move into what is now Crockett County was Moses Cox (who was born in 1802 and died in 1880). Today you have to look pretty hard for the cemetery in which Moses Cox is buried, while the church beside that cemetery no longer has a congregation.

The Crockett County Courthouse underwent an extensive "renovation" in 1934. Its clock tower was taken down, a wing added to the back, the roof replaced and the bricks painted. Here is what the Crockett County Courthouse looks like today, and if you look closely you will see that parts of the original courthouse are still there.