County Seat: Carthage
was the boyhood home of former Representative, Senator, and Vice President Al Gore. Gore lost the closest presidential election in American history in November 2000 and has since returned to his home state. And although most of the post-election focus was on Florida, many Americans missed the fact that had Gore won Tennessee, he – not George Bush – would have won the election.

On a recent trip to Carthage, we ascended the bluff across the Cumberland River and took this wonderful photograph of the town.

Click on the photograph to make it bigger, then click on the photograph again to make it bigger again!

And thanks to "Miss Fern" for letting us take this incredible picture from her yard!

The map of Smith County painted on the wall of the courthouse there

Smith County is also the home of two of the strangest named places in the United States. The county contains one town called Difficult, and another named Defeated. We aren't making this up.

Here's the exterior of the Smith County Courthouse.