Virtual Tours

Charlie's Bunion, a stop on the Appalachian Trail on the eastern edge of Tennessee
Let's face it: Kids don't go on as many field trips as they used to. And even if they did, the state is too big for any student to be able to go to EVERY historic attraction.

That's why our virtual tours are important. If you scroll down you will see (on the left) a list of all the incredible places we've been and documented with our detailed, interesting and colorful virtual tours.

We've been just about everywhere... and so we'll take you there as well. We've been to the Cumberland Gap (through which tens of thousands of pioneers migrated). We've been to The Hermitage, home of President Andrew Jackson. We've been to the National Civil Rights Museum, where Martin Luther King was assassinated.
The powder magazine at Randolph -- a ghost town on the western edge of Tennessee
The Transylvania Purchase is believed to be the largest private real estate transaction in American history. Every piece of land in Middle Tennessee traces its deed to it. We've been to the place where it took place -- at the Sycamore Shoals of the Watauga River.

Old Stone Fort is a mysterious place, and we may never know the full story of why it was considered so important by prehistoric Tennesseans. Click here to see why you should go there.

Tennessee has many ghost towns, but none were as important as Randolph, a place that once rivaled Memphis. Click here to visit Randolph and see whey there is nothing left of its buildings.

Reenactors at Shiloh
Fascinated with the Civil War? So are we.

With the help of local experts, we've put together virtual tours of Shiloh, Fort Donelson, Fort Pillow, New Johnsonville and the Carnton Plantation/Carter House.

We'll tell you about the five bloodiest hours in Tennessee history, show you walls standing today that are STILL full of bulletholes from that war, and tell you about the only time in world history that a naval force has lost to a force of cavalry.
On our way to Chattanooga
Finally, to show you just how far we'll go to bring history alive:

* We paddled a canoe from North Chickamauga Creek to downtown Chattanooga and wrote about that.
* We rode a train along the old Tennessee Central line from Nashville to Cookeville and wrote about that, too!
* We've gone all the way to The Alamo in Texas and Horseshoe Bend in Alabama to find out why these places are all important to Tennessee.
An Andrew Johnson statue
To introduce our wonderful, kid-friendly virtual tours, we've created this quiz to test your knowledge. The answers to every question here can be found on the tours, listed down the left column.

1. What East Tennessee town did Andrew Johnson call home?
2. How many freshwater pearl farms are there in North America?
3. What town used to be known as Pencil City, U.S.A.?
4. What is the place where the Transylvania Purchase occurred and the Overmountain Men mustered before the Battle of Kings Mountain?
The Ducktown Basin in the 1960s
PHOTO: Ducktown Basin Museum
5. What element was mined and smelted in Polk County in a manner that laid waste to the environment there?
6. How long, to the nearest hundred feet, is the man-made railroad tunnel through the mountain near Cowan?
7. In what year did the famous Scopes Trial occur in Dayton?
8. What was the original government name for Oak Ridge?
The Tennessee History Festival
9. During what year was the original Fort Loudon built?
10. After the Union Army took Fort Donelson, what notable Tennessee city did the Union Army occupy shortly thereafter?
11. What do the phrases "strict low midding" and "good ordinary" refer to?
The York Grist Mill in Fentress County
12. In what war did Alvin York win the Congressional Medal of Honor?
13. How many Americans were killed, wounded, or missing at the Battle of Shiloh (to the nearest thousand)?
14. Name the three states that meet a few hundred yards from the Cumberland Gap.
15. What businessman financed the construction of the tunnel at the Narrows of the Harpeth?
Hint: This is the answer to number 17
16. At the time of Christ, what is believed to have been the tallest man-made object in the land now occupied by the United States?
17. How old do paleontologists estimate the fossils discovered at the Gray Fossil Site to be?
18. The "playground" for the Cumberland Homestead development is today known as what?
19. What is the name of the town in Tennessee originally created for the second sons of English gentry?