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TN History for Kids

Primary Sources On Each County History Page

Dollywood had its origins as a Confederate theme park?

Elizabethton Star, June 8, 1961

The county seat of Hancock County used to be called Greasy Rock?

A reporter toured the battlefield of Shiloh only two weeks after the battle?

The future king of France visited Jackson County? And they fed him bear meat?

Jonesboro Herald Tribune, November 1, 1876

As you will see on our county history pages, the answer to all of these questions is yes.

We have recently added primary sources--most of them from early Tennessee history--to each of the 95 county history pages. Most of these primary sources come directly from newspapers, but some come from early maps or letters.

Accompanying each primary source is a challenging question which reflects the content and context of the material.

Knoxville Journal, December 7, 1929

You can use these primary sources, and their accompanying questions, as wonderful "bell ringers." They help students learn how to interpret different types of non-fiction primary sources, and they also contain information that may help make them interested in local and state history.

If you, the teacher, would like to ask about the answers to one of the primary source questions, email us at

Check them out!