Raise the children the best you can:
A history of Tennessee since 1870

This 80-page booklet covers the Tennessee-specific topics required in the high school American history and geography class. It meets the standards passed by the Tennessee Board of Education in July 2013.

"I highly recommend it!" says Janice Scott, a teacher at White House Heritage High School in Robertson County.

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The high school American history and geography class goes from 1870 to the present time. This booklet covers everything that happened in Tennessee during that era which is required in the standards--from Reconstruction to the Scopes Trial to the Civil Rights Movement.

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"The booklet is simple and concise," says Gordon Sisk, a teacher at Karns High School in Knoxville and the president of the Tennessee Council for the Social Studies. "It gets the key events of Tennessee history in an easy-to-read and easy-to-use format."

Raise the children the best you can contains entire chapters on Reconstruction, industrialization, Tennessee's so-called "Progressive Era," World War I, the Scopes Trial, the New Deal and more.

To the right you will see the beginning of the World War II chapter, which talks about people and places such as Oak Ridge, General Frank Andrews, Avco, Cornelia Fort, war manuevers in Tennessee and prisoner of war camps in Tennessee. Click on the image to read it.

We even photographed the grave of Medal of Honor recipient Troy McGill of Knoxville. We wanted the students to see it.

The title of the booklet comes from a note written by a doomed coal miner named Jacob Vowell. Vowell was one of the 216 miners killed in 1902, during a mining explosion near Briceville.

"Ellen I want you to live right and come to heaven," Vowell wrote, in a note found near his dead body. "Raise the children the best you can. Oh! How I wish to be with you."

There is no better way to teach history than to use primary sources such as these!

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"This booklet really ties Tennessee History and American History together," says Daniel Newton, a teacher at Sycamore High School in Cheatham County. " What a great resource for my classroom!"

The central event of this course is the Civil Rights Movement. Raise the children the best you can has an eight-page chapter on the Civil Rights Movement, with sections on the Highlander Folk School, Tent Cities, the integration of Clinton High School, the sit-in movement and the King assassionation.

These are the EXACT SAME THINGS listed in the new social studies standards for this high school class.

If you use this booklet, you are meeting the Tennessee-specific standards. It is as simple as that!

Copies of Raise the children the best you can are ONLY $2 each!

That means that you can purchase an entire classroom set for the cost of ONE textbook!

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