Around the world in third grade: A Tennessee History for Kids booklet

This 96-page booklet covers all of the social studies standards required in third grade.

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"I can't wait to use Around the world in third grade with my students!" says Krista Brown, a third grade teacher in Murfreesboro. "The booklet provides a fun, exciting way for students to learn about the world we live in."

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There are chapters on landforms, latitude and longitude and a chapter for each of the seven continents!

These topics come directly from Tennessee's third grade social studies standards.

Since third grade is an "introduction to the world" grade, there are wonderful photographs of places such as Machu Picchu, the Taj Mahal, Mount Everest, the pyramids, the Cape of Good Hope and the South Pole.

"This booklet is just what I've been looking for to meet these social studies standards," says Christina Brown, a third grade teacher in Fentress County. "This has all the resources in one place that my students will love.

"It is easy to understand, keeps students' attention and has amazing photos!"

A lot of hard work went into finding unforgettable photographs.

Just about every photo tells you multiple things about that part of the world.

Check out these photographs taken at the equator in Africa and South America!

And, from the Australia chapter, check out the wonderful photos from Ayers Rock, Port Hedland, and the Waradah Aboriginal Centre!

If you have kids who aren't interested in far-away places, then let's see how they feel after they've seen this booklet!

The booklet also contains four sidebars.

One of them is an excerpt from Nelson Mandela's autobiography.

Teachers will love these booklets.

More importantly, third grade students will love them!

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