The Tennessee History Festival


In Tennessee's public schools, third grade is not a grade in which there are a lot of Tennessee-specific things in the curriculum.

However, we do have some things we recommend.
One is our Basic Civics section. It is here that we explain what government does, what taxes are, what counties are, who the governor is, and how to be a good citizen.

Reelfoot Lake
The second is our Basic Geography section.

There we explain how to make a map of Tennessee using a funny box, four lines and four dots. We tell you about Tennessee's three Grand Divisions, three major river systems and four largest cities. And we explain a bit about farm life.
The third thing we recommend is our Common Core reading booklet Journey of the Adventure and other stories. Here you will find wonderful stories, written at an elementary grade level, about some of the great characters and heroes of Tennessee history.

Booklets can be ordered from Tennessee History for Kids and cost only $2 each.