He that hath no sword:
The Volunteer State since 1850

This booklet covers the Tennessee-specific topics required in fifth grade. It is 80 pages and meets the standards passed by the Tennessee Board of Education in July 2013.

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"This is an
an amazing resource that follows expertly along with all the history content that fifth graders need to know," says Karen Peters, a fifth grade teacher in Putnam County. "I loved reading it and look forward to seeing my students with these booklets in their hands."

There are three full chapters and two sidebars on the Civil War.

The booklet talks about battles such as Fort Donelson, Shiloh, Stone's River, Chickamauga and Lookout Mountain and people such as Ulysses S. Grant, Sam Watkins, Nathan Bedford Forrest, Champ Ferguson and Matthew Maury.

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You will also find chapters on Reconstruction, Tennessee's early industrial age, the New Deal in Tennessee, World War II and the Volunteer State and the Civil Rights Movement in Tennessee.

And what booklet about modern Tennessee history would be complete without a chapter about the state's music heritage?

We are especially proud of the photos we dug up for this book.

Check out this photograph of a woman working at the Vultee plant in Nashville during World War II.

"These new booklets will be a valuable resource," says Jamie Hodgson, a fifth grade teacher in Gibson County. "The material covers many standards and it is interesting at the same time. The pictures will truly grab the readers' attention."

Booklets are ONLY $2 each! A classroom set, therefore, costs less than a SINGLE hardback textbook.

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