Seventh graders in Tennessee focus on world history from the Middle Ages until the exploration of the Americas (400 A.D. to about 1700). The seventh grade standards include topics such as the Fall of the Roman Empire, the Islamic World, the Renaissance, the rise of exploration, etc.

This means that Tennessee's seventh graders don't learn a lot about Tennessee--other than  prehistoric sites and some Native American culture.

Saul's Mound at Pinson Mounds
PHOTO: Mark Norton
There are, however, parts of the Tennessee History for Kids web page that are helpful for seventh graders, including:

* The virtual tour of Pinson Mounds
* The virtual tour of Old Stone Fort
* The virtual tour
In search of de Soto
* The virtual tour of Sellar's Farm

* The virtual tour of the Museum of the Cherokee Indian

The TN History for Kids/HCDE tent revival in August 2015
We encourage school systems in Tennessee to help their seventh grade teachers by arranging inservices with local experts on various topics.

In August 2015 and again in August 2016, for instance, we arranged a large "history tent revival" for the Hamilton County Department of Education which featured several professors from UT-Chattanooga speaking on topics such as the Renaissance, the Age of Exploration and the History of Islam.