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TN History for Kids

TN History for Kids tent revival

Bobby Cain

Don't miss the FOURTH annual Tennessee History for Kids summer tent revival.

This year's event will be held Monday, July 23, 2018, at the Holiday Inn World's Fair Park in Knoxville.

The event is open to the public, but it is primarily set up to help public school social studies presenters cover the social studies standards. It will feature dozens of the most accurate, charismatic and entertaining presenters ever assembled in Tennessee. You must register in advance. Registration is only $40 per person, and is heavily subsidized by Tennessee History for Kids.

Click here for a registration form.

Here are some of the presenters lined up for this great event:

* Bobby Cain, one of the original "Clinton 12" and the first African-American to graduate from an integrated high school in the South.

Tim Naeleigh



* Tim Nealeigh, who will demonstrate and explain some of the very equipment which led to the industrial revolution in Europe and America. His performance as the Irish linen worker will have you in stitches--but you will still want to take notes!


Jack Neely


* Knoxville historian and longtime Knoxville area columnist Jack Neely, who will reflect on some of his favorite segments from Knoxville history


Bob Booker



* Knoxville historian Bob Booker, who will discuss East Tennessee's African-American history




Sherry and Mark Finchum



* Mark and Sherry Finchum of Indian Creek Productions, who will discuss Cherokee culture and the Trail of Tears






Barry Thacker (in hat) along with a group from last year's event



* Barry Thacker and Carol Moore of the Coal Creek Watershed Foundation, who will explain the Coal Creek Wars

Lisa Oakley




* Lisa Oakley of the East Tennessee Historical Society (topic to be announced later)


Hobart Akin



* Hobart Akin from Tennessee State Parks, who will discuss World War I, its impact on Tennessee and its heroes from Tennessee



Stephanie Steinhorst





* Stephanie Steinhorst and/or Carol Quinn of the Andrew Johnson National Memorial, who will discuss the 17th president

* Carol Borneman and/or Pamela Eddy of the Cumberland Gap National Historical Park, who will present on the Cumberland Gap

Jimmy Ogle



* Jimmy Ogle (Shelby County historian, Peabody Hotel duckmaster and tour guide extraordinaire), who will speak on the history of Memphis and the Mississippi River


Ed Sullivan





* Ed Sullivan, author of The Ultimate Weapon: The Race to Develop the Atomic Bomb, who will talk about Oak Ridge and the Manhattan Project


Charlie Rhodarmer




* Charlie Rhodarmer of the Sequoyah Birthplace Museum, who will speak on Sequoyah





Sheriff Joe Guy


* McMinn County historian (and McMinn County Sheriff) Joe Guy, who will present on the fall of Fort Loudoun and (separate presentation) on the Battle of Athens



Jeff Sellers


* Jeff Sellers of the Tennessee State Museum, who will talk about the new Tennessee State Museum



Bill Carey




* Bill Carey from Tennessee History for Kids, who will make three separate presentations: One about how to deal with Tennesse's new social studies standards (especially in grades 3 through 5); One about slavery in Tennessee (a presentation for middle school and up); and one about a Tennessee during the Civil War.









There will also be vendors such as the Tennessee Geographic Alliance, the Tennessee State Museum, Currents of Change, Tennessee History for Kids and other non-profit organizations





Teachers greet Bobby Cain at the 2017 tent revival event.

Click HERE to register. Registration is only $40 and includes lunch.

We have  250 slots available for teachers and expect the event to sell out!

Hope to see you there!






Hotel Information

We've arranged for a courtesy block of rooms at the Holiday Inn World's Fair Park on the evening of Sunday, July 22. The rate $104 (plus tax). There are two ways to book:

  • Book online: Holiday Inn World's Fair Park. Be sure to use the group code THK.

  • OR - call toll free 800-264-1579. You must identify your affiliation with TN History for Kids when you make the reservation.

The courtesy block will remain open until June 20 or until the hotel reaches an occupancy rate of 75%, whichever comes first.