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TN History for Kids

Tennessee History Trading Cards

Tennessee History for Kids has produced set of Tennessee history trading cards. Click here to order a set!

These cards honor people such as Andrew Jackson, David Crockett, Bobby Cain, Ann Dallas Dudley, Alvin York, Dolly Parton, William Blount and other heroes and notable people in Tennessee history.

Each is professionally designed and printed and has on its back information about why each person is important. The cards are sponsored by BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee.

Imagine all the ways that these cards can help your students learn about Tennessee history! Students will want to collect them, like football cards. Kids LOVE cards! Or, you can give one out to each student and your whole class can play a game where that student tells a couple of tidbits about that person, to see if the other students can guess who it is.

There are 24 cards. A complete set will cost $5, plus a small shipping and handling fee.

Click here to order a set!

(You have to fill out a form and send it in with a check; cards will arrive in only a few days.)

Here is a complete list of people featured in the cards:

* Alvin York

* Andrew Jackson

* Andrew Johnson

* Ann Dallas Dudley

* Bessie Smith

* Bobby Cain

* Cordell Hull

* Cornelia Fort

* David Crockett

* David Farragut

* Dolly Parton

* Elvis Presley

* Ida B. Wells

* James K. Polk

* James Napier

* John Sevier

* Morris Frank

* Perry Wallace

* Sam Watkins

* Sequoyah

* W.C. Handy

* William Blount

* Wilma Rudolph