Feb. 21 Inservice on Oak Ridge and World War II


Every Wednesday afternoon in February, Tennessee History for Kids will host a 2-hour inservice for teachers. Zoom inservices are free and run from from 4 to 6 p.m. Central Time (5 to 7 Eastern). As always, attending teachers will receive a certificate showing two hours of professional development.

We had successful events on Feb. 7, 14 and 21. Here’s the remaining event:

FEB 28:

Ray Smith at a THFK event in 2021

Tennessee during World War II and the Manhattan Project

Part One: Ray Smith, the official historian of Oak Ridge, was formerly employed at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and today he does group tours there. In this presentation, he will explain the story of the Manhattan Project, how it affected countless individuals and how it changed Tennessee and world history.

Part One: “History” Bill Carey will do an overview of how Tennessee changed during the war in big ways and small ways. For instance, sugar and gasoline were rationed. There were thousands of German prisoners of wars in camps in about half a dozen parts of the state (and you won’t believe how well they were treated.) Also, much of Middle Tennessee experienced war maneuvers, and thanks to MTSU, there is an on-line collection of photos from them that you can show your class.

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