Around the World [3rd grade, 1 of 2]

Around the World is the new Tennessee History for Kids third grade world geography booklet.

Around the World is one of the TWO new third grade Tennessee History for Kids booklets (the other one is called Across the Ocean).


“These booklets are great!” says Michelle Killen, a third grade teacher in Rutherford County. “Not only does the style of writing allow for easy differentiation but the content makes a seamless integration into my ELA block possible.

“The kids love them, and so do I!”

Around the World is about geography–world and U.S. geography.

The booklet starts off with chapters about landforms, bodies of water, and latitude and longitude.

There are seven chapters about the seven continents. With photographs of places such as Mount Everest, the African Savannah, Antarctica and the Great Wall of China, your students will see how beautiful and fragile our planet is!

This revision of Around the World also contains five chapters about U.S. geography, to help third grade students learn all 50 states.

It also includes a glossary and an index.

“I am so excited to use this booklet with my students!” says Katie Runyan, a third grade teacher in Bradley County. “It follows the new state standards, it easy to use, and includes a lot of good information! ”

Your students will love Around the World. It will help open their eyes about the world and make social studies their favorite subject.

“These books are full of interesting information that third graders love learning, in a style they enjoy.” says Jennifer Kimball, a teacher in Metro Nashville Public Schools. “It’s as though History Bill is having a conversation with them.

“Students gain background knowledge and context for cross-curricular content.”

We recommend you use Around the World in the fall of third grade and the booklet called Across the Ocean in the spring of third grade.

Both booklets are only $2.50 each. Click here to order and here for the online teacher’s guide.