Critters and Maps [1st grade]

This 96-page booklet covers all of the Tennessee social studies standards for first grade.

Critter and Maps is the revised Tennessee History for Kids booklet for first grade that meets ALL the new social studies standards.

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Beautifully designed and illustrated, the booklet contains large fonts and sentence structures appropriate for young readers.

“I highly recommend this book to teach the first grade Social Studies standards,” says Christina Brumleve, a teacher with Metro Nashville Public Schools. “The book is perfect for shared reading, close reading, or whole group instruction.”

In Critters and Maps, students will find fascinating information about Tennessee’s three Grand Divisions and four principal cities–not to mention the culture of our great state.

They will learn about maps, symbols and keys. Through a hands-on project, students will show that making a map of Tennessee is as simple as “a funny box, four lines and four dots.”

“This new booklet is a comprehensive learning resource for students and instructional resource for teachers,” says Amie Wheeler, a first grade teacher in Knox County Schools. “It is a great way to cover all standards and expose kids to meaningful history!”

Through this booklet, students will learn all about Tennessee’s symbols, such as the state Capitol, the flag and animals such as the raccoon.

They will learn about the difference in a product and a service; they will find out about timelines; they will learn about holidays; and they will start to read about some of the things people do “to make their living around here.”

Teachers will be especially happy to see that these new booklets contain a glossary and index.

There is even a new Tennessee History for Kids mascot who you find throughout the booklet.

His name is Boxy. He is a turtle, as you can see!

“The new Critters and Maps booklet is written in a way that is easy for a first grader to understand and the kids will be drawn in with the relatable photographs of our great state,” says Krista Grimes, a first grade teacher in Murfreesboro. “What a great way to cover our Social Studies Standards while keeping the kids engaged!”

Critters and Maps  is a great way to cover the curriculum while turning your young students on to history. What could be better?

Click here to order and here for the teacher’s guide.