Powerful Words 8th

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Powerful words 8th: Primary sources and questions for 8th grade was created to help teachers cover key primary sources. In this 96-page booklet, students read a passage from an important document, book or speech, then answer questions about the content.

This booklet is set up to help students prepare for these very questions!

There are 31 “mini chapters” with passages from things such as the Mayflower Compact, Patrick Henry’s “Give me liberty or give me death” speech, the Bill of Rights, Washington’s farewell address, the Marbury v. Madison decision, Common Sense, the Articles of Confederation, the autobiographies of Ben Franklin, David Crockett AND Frederick Douglass . .

. . . . Uncle Tom’s Cabin, “Civil Disobedience,” the Dred Scott decision, the Federalist Papers, the Gettysburg Address, the Lewis and Clark Journal, the Declaration of Independence, Lincoln’s “House Divided” speech, the Declaration of Sentiments, Eliza Bryan’s New Madrid Earthquakes letter, John Donelson’s journal…

… The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut, the Maryland Toleration Act, Sojourner Truth’s “Ain’t I a woman?” speech, the Emancipation Proclamation, the Monroe Doctorine, Article I of the US Constitution, Sam Watkins’ Company Atcyh Civil War memoirs…


Each mini-chapter is followed by multiple choice questions about the text, and in some cases by writing prompts.

And all of this is entirely based on the Tennessee social studies standards for grade 8!

Booklets are only $2 each.

(PLEASE do not buy one and make copies. That makes it very difficult for us to continue to develop new products such as this one.)

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