Work for Freedom [5th grade, 3 of 3]

Work for Freedom is the third of three new Tennessee History for Kids booklets for fifth grade.

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It covers about half of the standards which are part of the new stand-alone course in Tennessee history that is included as part of the new standards.

The first of the three fifth grade booklets is called The American Machine. It covers the fall semester of fifth grade U.S. history. The second of the three fifth grade booklets is called Long March to Tennessee. It covers the first half of the standards which are a part of the new “stand alone” semester of Tennessee history.

Work for Freedom is well written, wonderfully illustrated and grade level appropriate, as are all of the Tennessee History for Kids booklets. Topic-wise, it starts with the Civil War and brings the student up to the present time.

“I recommend this booklet as a concise and highly readable resource for all the 5th grade standards,” says Brian Wilcox, a teacher at Thurman Francis Arts Academy in Rutherford County.

Subjects that are covered include Tennessee’s Civil War battles; Andrew Johnson and Reconstruction; urbanization after the Civil War;  the Tennessee Constitution of 1870; Tennessee and the World Wars; the Suffrage Movement; the New Deal in Tennessee; Tennessee and the Civil Rights Movement; and more.

The booklet also contains a glossary and index.

Primary sources are contained throughout–not only in the text –where they are marked with red ink–but also in illustrations such as fascinating (and never seen before) newspaper clippings about Tennessee history.

“My students love the engaging stories and primary sources that these booklets offer,” says Pamela Arnold, a fifth grade teacher at H.G. Hill Middle School in Nashville.

Click here to order copies and here for the teacher’s guide.