Your Land, My Land [2nd Grade]

Your Land, My Land is the new Tennessee History for Kids social studies booklet for students in grade 2.

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With chapters on subjects ranging from basic history to geography to civics to economics, it will help second grade students not only learn all that they need to know in the second grade, but start to love history and social studies as well.

“I love these booklets,” says Laurie Tarpley, a second grade teacher in Rutherford County. “I believe they will be intriguing to my students and give them an experience that will connect history to their everyday life!”

Your Land, My Land contains 17 chapters which range from 4 to 7 pages each. Subject matters include (among others):

* Decades and Centuries

* The Globe

* How to Read a Map

* The U.S. Constitution

* Multiculturalism

* Supply and Demand

* Imports and Exports

* Timelines

… and many other subjects required under the new Tennessee social studies standards.

“This booklet fully covers the Tennessee social studies standards,” says Elizabeth Lovelace, a second grade teacher in Haywood County Schools. “I can’t wait to incorporate it in my  lessons.”

These new second grade booklets also contain a glossary and index, so your students can learn how to use those as well!

Best of all, copies of Your Land, My Land cost only $2.50 each.

Click here to order a copy and here to be taken to the teacher’s guide.