Fri, Dec. 3: All-day World Geography open house for 3rd graders

A much younger version of History Bill navigates his way to Hawaii. No wonder he is smiling!


On Friday, December 3, History Bill will tune into Zoom at 8:30 am and remain on line for 6 hours. During those 6 hours he will greet students and teachers and do a third-grade-level power-point presentation on world geography.

In fact, he will do it EIGHT TIMES!!!

These third graders know how to hold up the world!

THIRD GRADE CLASSROOMS are invited to tune in any time that day.

The way it works is this: When teachers register, they will tell us when their classrooms will tune in.

Riley the Cattle Dog is from Australia, which is a continent AND a country. That’s part of Standard 3.06, and that’s the type of fascinating detail we will talk about on Friday. So tune in!

The power point presentation will be based on the Tennessee third grade social studies standards (Especially Standards 3.01, 3.06, 3.07 AND 3.08). It will be interesting, accurate, AND funny (Riley the Cattle Dog will make several appearances).

We expect classes to tune in, tune out, drop in, and drop out as the day goes on.

Click here to register.