Coffee County

The entrance to Old Stone Fort

A lot people come to Old Stone Fort Historic Park to look at the pretty waterfalls. But when it comes to history, it is one of the most mysterious places in the state. Not a fort at all, but a gathering place for Native Americans two thousand years ago, we’re just now learning what took place here. Click here for a virtual tour.

A researcher at the Arnold Wind Tunnel

The Coffee County community of Tullahoma contains the world’s largest experimental wind tunnel, a part of the Arnold Engineering Design Center (AEDC).

The test facilities can simulate flight conditions from sea level to space and as high as twenty times the speed of sound. Aerospace engineers come from all over the country to research here.

The Tallapoosa River at Horseshoe Bend

Coffee County is named for General John Coffee, who commanded 1,300 men at the Battle of Horseshoe Bend in 1814 (nearly half of which were Native Americans allied to the Americans). The Battle of Horseshoe Bend, which took place in present-day Alabama, broke the power of the Creek Indian nation and made Andrew Jackson nationally famous.


Here is the Coffee County Courthouse.