Macon County

A map of from 1900. As you can see, there are railroads and rivers AROUND Macon County,  but none IN Macon County.
IMAGE: TN State Library and Archives


Most counties are known for what they have. In Macon County’s case, it is interesting to reflect on what the county has NEVER had.

Macon County is one of the few counties in Tennessee that has never had a railroad line.

Macon County also has no major river.

Therefore, Macon County has historically been a very isolated place.

Nashville Tennessean, June 27, 1895

One thing that Macon County DOES have, however, is clear water. There are, beneath the ground in Macon County, natural springs that produce water that is very clean and contains lots of minerals. Originally the community around these springs was known as Salt Lick Creek, but it was later changed to Red Boiling Springs.

From the 1880s until about the 1940s, people would come from all over to vacation at the hotels and resorts at Red Boiling Springs.


Here is the Macon County Courthouse.