Robertson County

This is the photograph that started John Baker’s lifelong fascination with his family and the Wessyngton Plantation
PHOTO: TN State Library and Archives


The largest tobacco plantation in the United States used be located in Robertson County. Known as Wessyngton, it was also once the home of 274 slaves.

In the 1970s a seventh grade student named James Baker became intrigued by a photograph of some of people who had once been held as slaves at Wessyngton. When he discovered that some of the people were his great great grandparents, Baker began learning more about their lives and about Wessyngton.

This led to a life’s journey and a book called The Washingtons of Wessyngton Plantation.

Robertson County was also the home of one of the most famous haunted houses in American history. The house belonged to a family named Bell, and they lived in Adams.

The entrance to Bell Witch Cave

Started in 1807 and continuing for several decades, the Bell family was apparently haunted by a spook which eventually became known as the Bell Witch. Several members of the family and friends of the family said they had encounters with this supernatural being.

The spooky thing is also associated with a nearby cave, which is today known as the Bell Witch Cave. If you visit today you can take a tour of the cave and learn more about the story.

You also might want to take a camera.

Check out some of these bizarre rock formations we saw in this cave. Doesn’t they look a bit scary?