Trousdale County

A sketch from a Tennessee newspaper in the section of the paper
that contained horse racing news and items.


Trousdale County was not created until 1870, when it was carved out of part of four other counties. Parts of present-day Trousdale County have always been associated with horse racing — Tennessee’s number one spectator sport during its first century of existence.

In fact, in the early 1800s, people would come from all over the South to race their horses at a track near Hartsville.

A cooling tower of the never-finished Hartsville
nuclear power plant

Today, Trousdale County is home to a nuclear power plant that the Tennessee Valley Authority never finished. You can see the never-operational Hartsville Nuclear Power Plant from nearly 20 miles away. It sort of towers over Trousdale County.

If you can think of a use for it, please tell someone, because the people in Trousdale County have been trying to do something with the Hartsville Nuclear Power Plant for a long time!

Rand McNally’s 1888 map of Trousdale County

Trousdale County is also the answer to a trivia question: With about 110 square miles, it is Tennessee’s smallest county.


Here’s (on the left) is the Trousdale County Courthouse.