Student Open Houses on Revolutionary War in TN; TN Geography


Our student open house events were such a hit last year that Tennessee History for Kids will do at least three more in the fall of 2023:

Monday, September 18 — “Everything you’ve always wanted to know about the Constitution but were afraid to ask.

This event already occurred, and a record 162 classes tuned in!

A boy pays his respects at the grave of a Revolutionary War soldier buried in Blount County.

Friday, September 29 — Tennessee During the Revolutionary War

When students learn about the American Revolution, they focus on Virginia, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania. But what happened here? This presentation will discuss, among other things, why early Tennessee settlers called their state the Washington District; how the British were giving guns and gunpowder to the Chickamaugan Indians; the Watauga Compact; the Donelson Party Journey; and the Battle of Kings Mountain. History Bill will also show you the graves of Revolutionary War veterans, which are ALL OVER Tennessee.

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Friday, Oct. 27 — Caves, Canyons and “The Suck”: The Fascinating World of Tennessee Geography

We’ll start with the 3 Grand Divisions, the 3 river systems and the 4 big cities. Then it’ll get REALLY interesting. For instance: Tennessee has more caves than any other state. Parts of Tennessee are east of parts of South Carolina. Contrary to public opinion, the Mississippi River is NOT the western boundary of the state. And, before artificial dams, the Tennessee River had some famous barriers to navigation which greatly affected the history of our state. History Bill’s favorite: “The Suck” — a place so important that Johnny Cash did a song about it!

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