2023-24 Edition of the “Student’s Guide to the Tennessee Senate”



Tennessee History for Kids and the Clerk’s Office of the Tennessee Senate have revised and updated the wildly popular civics booklet called A Student’s Guide to the Tennessee Senate.

This 36-page booklet was written by Tennessee History for Kids and the staff of the Chief Clerk of the Tennessee Senate.

It was designed by One Woman Show Design, and most of its photographs were taken by state photographer Dawn Majors.

The booklet was created especially for students. It contains sections on:

What state government does

The Tennessee State Senate and its members

The 33 senate districts (with a map)

How a bill becomes law

Parliamentary procedure and language

Amazing things that have happened in the Tennessee State Capitol

State symbols


Being a good citizen

This volume was last updated four years ago, since it wasn’t produced during the COVID pandemic.

Booklets are FREE to teachers who request them and who give us their school mailing address, to which they are sent. However, we are limiting orders to 50 copies per teacher.

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