We’ve revised our online booklet teacher’s guides

As many of you know, we do not publish printed teacher’s guides with our booklets. Instead, we publish free online teacher’s guides.

These online teacher’s guides feature larger versions of maps, photographs and charts that can be found in the booklets. They contain links to videos, websites, KidsInars, columns and books that are recommended to supplement the material in the chapter. If something has recently happened in the news that should be brought up in regards to the topic covered in the chapter, the online teacher’s guides mention it!

There is a teacher’s guide for every booklet. Click here to see them:

Critters and Maps

Your Land, My Land

Around the World

Across the Ocean

Upon a Pivot

Torn Union

American Machine

Long March to Tennessee

Work for Freedom

Free and Independent State

Don’t Keep Them in Doubt

One final point: the online teacher’s guides do NOT contain the answers to questions contained in the booklets because we want students to figure out the answers on their own. If you are a teacher and would like the answers, email us at orders@tnhistoryforkids.org. Please tell us where you teach, what grade, and what booklet you are using. We’ll send them to you once we are certain that you are a teacher!