Looking back at our Nine Fall 2022 Virtual Inservices


Our virtual inservices in the fall of 2022 were very successful, to say the least.

Part of Nathan Ball’s presentation on Tent City

The NINE events covered topics as varied as Cherokee culture; the rise of Andrew Jackson; World War I in Tennessee; TVA; and African-American high schools in Tennessee.

We had a lot of great speakers — guest presenters such as Pat Ewing, Calvin Sneed, David Ewing, Erin Adams, Sherry and Mark Finchum, Ray Smith, Tanner Wells, Emily Senefeld and Nathan Ball.

All of this in addition to “History Bill” Carey, who’s sort of the “house band,” for lack of a better term.

Part of Lucas Hugie’s presentation from Golden Spike National Historical Park in Utah

This fall we broadcast from three faraway locations: Brown v. Board of Education National Historic Site in Topeka, Kansas (where park ranger Preston Webb spoke to us); Golden Spike National Historical Park in Utah (Lucas Hugie) and Chalmette National Battlefield in New Orleans (Ian Gray).

More than four HUNDRED teachers attended one of our fall 2022 conferences, and most of them had very nice things to say afterwards.

Standby for more!

In December we will announce another lineup!