A map of Tipton County

County Seat: Covington
Tennessee's western boundary used to be the Mississippi River. That seemed to make sense. But no one tells the Mighty Mississippi what to do. During the great earthquake of 1811 and 1812, the river changed its course in parts of Tipton County. Because of this there are parts of Tipton County – such as the towns of Reverie and Corona – that are west of the Mississippi River.

Since there are no bridges across the Mississippi in Tipton County, it’s a long drive from the Tipton County Courthouse in Covington; south to Memphis; west across the river; north to Wilson, Arkansas; and east to Reverie and Corona. The people of Reverie and Corona are loyal to Tennessee. But the Tennessee government pays for the kids there to go to school in Arkansas.

The site of Randolph
One of the most interesting communities in Tipton County is no longer there. When West Tennessee was originally developed, there were two important communities developed along the Mississippi River -- Memphis and Randolph. However, because of a series of setbacks, Randolph eventually vanished from the map.

Click here for a Tennessee History for Kids virtual tour of Randolph.

Tipton County is also known as the "Blow Pop Capital of the World." One of the largest employers in the county is Charms Co.; at its Covington factory one BILLION Blow Pops, Sugar Daddy pops and Charms pops are produced per year.

Former Tennessee House Speaker Jimmy Naifeh, who represented Tipton County at the state house, was very proud of Tipton County's status as Blow Pop Capital. He used to keep in his office a big container full of Blow Pops.

While consuming a Blow Pop, we took this picture of the Tipton County Courthouse.