Courtesy Amish County Tours
County Seat: Lawrenceburg

is home to a fairly large Amish community, especially near the town of Ethridge.

The Amish people are a religious group that, among other things, refuses to go along with the changes that the industrial age has brought to the world. That means that they don’t have things such as cars, television sets and telephones; in fact, they usually don’t use electricity at all!

The Amish make their living as farmers and craftsmen, and people actually come from far away to visit Ethridge and buy things such as quilts, rocking chairs and hand-woven baskets at family-run stores there.

PHOTP: James D. Vaughan Museum
Lawrence County is also known as the Birthplace of Southern Gospel Music, an identity traced to a man named James D. Vaughan.

Vaughan (1864-1941) was a music teacher and songwriter who started a music publishing business in Lawrenceburg in 1902. His business sold a staggering 60,000 books in 1910; he operated one of the first (if not THE first) radio station in Tennessee -- WOAN; and had the state's first record pressing business by the end of that decade.

Today this story is told at the Vaughan Museum in Lawrenceburg; click
here to be taken to its web page.

Here's our photo of the Lawrence County Courthouse.