A map of the area around Macon County from 1900.
IMAGE: TN State Library and Archives
County seat: Lafayette

Most counties are known for what they have. In Macon County's case, it is more interesting to reflect on what the county does NOT have.

Macon County is one of the few counties in Tennessee that has never had a railroad line.

Macon County also has no major river.

Therefore, Macon County has historically been a very isolated place.

A very old ad for a resort in Macon County
IMAGE: Bill Carey collection
One thing that Macon County DOES have, however, is water. There are, beneath the ground in Macon County, natural springs that produce water that is very clean and contains lots of minerals. In the old days (1920s, 1930s, for instance) people would come from all over to vacation near these springs. 
The Nestle bottled water plant
Today, a big company called Nestle takes some of the water in Red Boiling Springs (a small town in Macon County), bottles it, and sells it at your grocery store.

Here is the Macon County Courthouse.