Statehood; Products; WW2; Civil Rights Movement: 4 student “open houses” in May



TN History for Kids will produce four student “open house” events in May.

Here is how these work: “History Bill” does a 30-minute presentation EIGHT times, live, on Zoom. The presentations target students. Classrooms come and go during the day, depending on their schedule. The presentations run from 8-8:30; 8:30-9; 9:30-10; 10-10:30; 10:30-11; 12:30-1 pm; 1-1:30 and 2-2:30. ALL TIMES ARE CENTRAL.

Registration is required. Teachers and homeschoolers who register will be sent a handout whwhich students can fill out during the presentation. There might be two classes tuned in for one session, eight for another. There will be some classroom interaction — the amount of which will vary depending on how many classes are tuned in.

Here they are:

Lloyd Branson created this wonderful painting of the Overmountain Men gathering at Sycamore Shoals.


Thursday, May 4: “The Strange, Bloody Story of How Tennessee Became a State” — a 30-minute lesson, History-Bill style, on the events that led up to 1796. The Revolutionary War, Lost State of Franklin, Southwest Territory, the Nickajack Expedition — we’ll try to cover the whole story. This event is especially recommended for students in fourth, fifth, eighth grades and for students taking the elective high school class on Tennessee history.

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The Bridgestone Tire plant in Warren County (Bridgestone photo)

Tuesday, May 9: “Log Rafts to Electric Cars: Products of Tennessee” — A funny but accurate 30-minute presentation on the things that are made in Tennessee, and how they have changed in the last 200 years. We’ll talk about wooden buckets, iron foundries, shoes, buggies, cars and several things in between. This event is especially recommended for third and fifth graders. (And, yes, by popular demand, Riley the Cattle Dog will make several appearances. He will BARK every time History Bill says something from the study guide).

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Locals gather to watch army maneuvers near Manchester in 1941 (Albert Gore Research Center, MTSU)

Thursday, May 11: “World War II in Tennessee: War Maneuvers, Airplane Factories, POW Camps and Rationing” — a fascinating power point on all the things that happened within the boundaries of our state between 1939 and 1945. We have some amazing photographs, and some even-more amazing stories to tell. This event is recommended for students in grades 4, 5 and in the U.S. history class, typically taken in 11th grade.

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The students who integrated Clinton High School got to go to the Highlander Folk School, where they met Rosa Parks (University of Wisconsin photo)

Tuesday, May 16: “The Civil Rights Movement in Tennessee.” This event will explain the stories behind the Fayette County Tent Cities, the Highlander Folk School, the integration of Clinton High School and the Nashville Sit-Ins. All four of the events were huge and involved incredible back stories, and we’ll try to explain it all. This event is recommended for 5th, 8th, the U.S. history class typically taken in the 11th grade, and for any students taking the high school elective course on Tennessee history.

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