The entrance to the Bell Witch Cave

County Seat: Springfield

in Robertson County, was the home of the best documented haunted house in American history. The house belonged to a family named Bell, and they lived in Adams.

Started in 1807 and continuing for several decades, the Bell family was apparently haunted by a spook which eventually became known as the Bell Witch. Several members of the family and friends of the family said they had encounters with this supernatural being.

The spooky thing is also associated with a nearby cave, which is today known as the Bell Witch Cave. If you visit today you can take a tour of the cave and learn more about the story.

You also might want to take a camera.

Check out this bizarre rock formation we saw in this cave. Doesn't it look a bit like a witch?

And before you get freaked out about this photo, do understand that if you move slightly to the right or to the left, the formation and the shadows caused by it do not look like this.

But from this angle, it looks downright creepy, doesn't it?

Here's the Robertson County Courthouse, which is not haunted.